AGL Installation For Civil And Electrical Projects

Photometric Test For International And Regional Airports

Flight Calibration Test

Supply And Installation Of Solar Airfield Lighting & Heliports

Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) is the collective denomination for the whole set of ground installed luminaries and related ancillaries meant to be used as visual aids by aircraft pilots and eventually, other users of aerodrome facilities.
Photometric test involves measuring the light intensity, these solutions ensure that AGL is compliant with guidelines specified by leading international and regional aviation bodies.
Flight inspection refers to the periodic evaluation of navigational aids used in aviation, such as flight procedures and electronic signals, to ensure they are safe and accurate. These beacons allowed pilots to fly at night with visual guidance.
We offer complete airfield lighting solutions for airports and heliports including installation service.

Site Management & Supervision For AGL Projects

We provide site management and supervision services during on going AGL projects.

Home Lighting And Electrical Security Devices

we are the authorized distributor of RZB lighting, Bell lighting and Hager in Rwanda, Tanzania and DRC.